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May 10, 2012


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Richard N. Landers

The whole "it can't be taught" argument has never made sense to me, in settings much broader than social media. If something can't be taught, then it means there are no skills involved - anyone can come in and "be an expert." And I think we've seen enough folks botch social media to know that isn't the case. What I think critics really mean is "it's really hard to teach." And that's certainly true - with a subject matter that is in constant evolution, it's probably not worthwhile to spend a lot of time teaching knowledge. For example, I don't think a course or certification in "Facebook" is very valuable. That means you instead have to identify relevant skillsets and teach those (e.g. how to effectively engage in self-directed learning, how to be a part of Internet culture, how to interact appropriately in online communications environments).

Every field is in a state of evolution, which is why we have sayings about bachelor's degrees in the sciences that their content is out-of-date the moment you have your diploma in hand. If your field isn't evolving, I'd recommend getting out of it - it's not likely a field that is going to stay around long.

Faye Newsham

I've been on both sides of this equation having been self-taught, early adopter and more recently in grad school formal courses (not with the above witer or program). I have to say that IF the courses are as well constructed and intense as the ones I've had in grad school, that's the way to roll.

Courtney Shelton Hunt, PhD

Thanks so much for your comments, Richard and Faye. I really appreciate your perspective and insights!

Media Education Requirements

Social media plays vital role in internet marketing so this is always good education for students.

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